MSTT Full Height Turnstile

MSTT Full Height Turnstile

The MSTT is a tandem version of our top-selling MST turnstile. Tandem full height turnstiles provide directional control in areas that need two full height turnstiles, but require a smaller installation footprint.

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The MSTT is the tandem version of our trusted and reliable full height MST. The MSTT is used throughout the world and offers key product features and benefits only available from Alvarado. The MSTT requires a substantially smaller installation footprint than two individual turnstiles.

All turnstiles feature HydraLine™- Alvarado's revolutionary speed control that self-adjusts to the pushing force of the user to ensure a safe, controlled and quiet rotation. Alvarado's IndaSpline™ makes it mechanically impossible to improperly install Alvarado's rotating section and provides automatic self centering for improved security and safer passage.

The MSTT is known for superior structural strength, fully welded roto, yoke and barrier sections, high quality bearings, an investment grade stainless steel mechanism and hardened stainless steel lock arms. All of these leading features provide consistent, smooth rotation and years of trouble free service. A rugged industrial grade controller, optical rotation detection, interface relays, and adjustable time out functionality are all standard on electrically controlled models.

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