Supervisor 2000-SM

Supervisor 2000-SM

The Supervisor 2000-SM is our thinnest barrier-free turnstile. Its compact form is well suited for applications where space is at a premium.

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Alvarado's Supervisor 2000 turnstiles provide superior bi-directional access control without the use of physical barriers.

SU2000 turnstiles allow a single passage when a valid credential is presented. If passage is attempted without the presentation of a valid credential, an alarm sounds and visual notification is provided. Additional notification outputs are also provided, allowing integration with remote alarms, door locks, CCTV or other devices.

The SU2000 uses state-of-the-art electronics, including adjustable tailgate sensitivity and alarm duration. The unit automatically resets if a valid credential is presented, but there is no passage through the lane.

The SU2000 is very intuitive for users. Highly visible color LED arrays on the top of the cabinet prompt users to present access credentials and provide guidance during the card validation process.

The SU2000-SM has a small compact footprint which saves floor space, but unless a separate pedestal is used, it only supports the exterior attachment of a small mullion reader. The larger SU2000-MED allows most card readers to be recessed under the lid, has end lights and supports larger LED user arrays. SU2000 models are available in single lane and multi-lane versions. Center cabinets are the same width in all configurations and ADA compliant widths are available.
Alternate materials/finishes are also available including cabinets constructed from various fine woods and marble or quartz lids.

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