Supervisor 5000 Optical Turnstile

Supervisor 5000 Optical Turnstile

The Supervisor 5000 is the thinnest optical turnstile available. It has clear, bi-directional swinging motorized barrier panels and a stylish, architectural design that enhances any access control installation.

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The Supervisor 5000 is the thinnest swinging barrier optical turnstile available. It is an architecturally inspired optical turnstile that merges Alvarado’s sophisticated detection technology with motorized barriers to provide accurate and highly reliable entry control. The SU5000 blends beautifully with any lobby or entrance and the clear panels provide immediate sight lines for attendants or guards in case of security events or emergencies.

Measuring a slim 3.8" (about the width of your hand), the SU5000 takes up less floor space than any other optical turnstile. A smaller installation footprint means you can fit more lanes in a smaller space. Center cabinets (that are the same dimensions as end cabinets) may be added to create muli-lane configurations; i.e. two end cabinets and two center cabinets create three lanes. The turnstile maintains its slim design even when providing ADA-compliant passage widths. In addition to standard and ADA widths, the barrier panels may also be ordered in three heights (35", 46" or 69") to best match the installation needs.

This optical turnstile provides highly effective access control using state-of-the-art optics to provide extremely fast throughput rates. Upon activation, barriers open in the direction of travel quickly and quietly. Integrated sensors monitor passage, detecting unauthorized access and "tailgating" behind an authorized user. As passage is completed, the turnstile barriers smoothly return to the closed position ready for the next valid credential. In the event of an invalid entry, lights and sounds from the turnstile alert the user and personnel. Remote notification can also be provided to local attendants.

The Supervisor 5000, like all optical turnstiles from Alvarado, easily integrates with nearly any access control system. All that is required for passage activation in either direction of travel is an isolated, voltage free, momentary dry contact. Optional GateKeeper turnstile control and monitoring software is also available for an added level of operation flexibility.

The SU5000 also offers a number of aesthetic options. Corporate logos can be etched on side and barrier panels and side panels can be illuminated with low-voltage LEDs in a variety of colors. Custom lid materials and cabinets finishes can be provided to match existing decor.

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