Speedlane 900-Waist High Turnstiles

Speedlane 900-Waist High Turnstiles

Versatile security lane with sliding doors guarantees fast, smooth and efficient access control in two directions. 

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Our Speedlane 900 guarantees fast, smooth and efficient access control in two directions. Sliding doors open into the casings, permit authorised passage and block unauthorised entry while visible and audible alarms draw the attention of security or reception personnel. The Speedlane 900 has several options in finishing and can be manufactured to match or complement many surroundings, making this security barrier appropriate for almost any building.
High capacity applications

The Speedlane 900 is designed for single and multiple lane installations. Multiple lanes are created by inserting intermediate units, which have door wings to both sides, reducing both cost and space requirements. Where multiple lanes are used in busy traffic pedestrian entrances, entry and exit lanes can be allocated to significantly improve traffic flow. Depending on the authorisation system, each lane has a capacity of 25-30 persons per minute, in one direction. The attractive design of the Speedlane offers an exclusive security solution for environments such as reception area’s in corporate, governmental and financial offices, museums or passenger terminals.
Variety of configurations

In addition to the standard Speedlane 900, the following versions are available:

    Speedlane 900-H: High door wings creating a higher level of security.
    Speedlane 900-L: An extended passage with additional photocells creating a longer detection lane, optimising the user flow (required for the optional “normally open” function).
    Speedlane 900-W: A wider passage allowing access with larger goods and luggage.
    Combinations of the above versions.

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