FDC StrongWeld Tilt Gates

FDC StrongWeld tilt grille parking garage gates are the perfect solution for parking garage security and access control.

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Tilt Gates Built to Your Specifications


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FDC StrongWeld tilt grille parking garage gates are the perfect solution for parking garage security and access control.  They provide maximum security as they are built to cover the entire entry way protecting parking facilities from unauthorized entry from both vehilces and pedestrians. 

Tilt gates (or tilt grilles) are best described as the old style of garage door, that is a flat panel that tilts as it is lifted upward to rest flat against the ceiling.  Our parking garage engineering team can design the perfect fit to your parking garage when included in the design phase of the project.  We can provide CAD drawings or take your existing CAD drawings and architectural plans and put the gates where they need to go while informing you of clearance and life safety requirements.  Retrofitting to an existing garage or fitting garage access gates into a parking garage that is currently being built is also an option, but it is best practice to get our team involved as early as possible so that the proper distances are considered during the architectural stage.

When island, lanes, or walkways are present, FDC can create walls or cages out of the same fabric as the grille gate to match and keep the garage secure.  Access controls can be tied in with the vehicle grille gates and any pedestrian gates leading into the garage, as well as barrier gates that can be linked to vehicle lanes to help prevent tail-gating.


Click the "Download" tab above for downloadable CAD dwg files and PDF versions of CAD drawings for FDC StrongWeld tilt gates


Q - Are your door counter balanced or spring balanced?  
A - Spring.

Q - What usage cycle can be expect from these doors?  
A - We don’t have an exact number, however, we have units installed in places with original springs over ten years.  

Q - What are common production and shipping lead times?  
A - Tilt grills are specifically engineered for each site.  Production lead times for a two gate system (entry/exit) is 12 to 16 weeks.  Shipping would be ground.

Q - What materials do you offer for the gates and are they pre-finished?
A - Framing is 4' x 4" steel, gates are built of aluminum.  Maximum size panel 9' -6" High x 12' wide. Assemblies are not wind rated nor engineered. Any wind loading would be contractor’s responsibility.

Q - What is your recommended operator?
A - DoorKing 1150 currently recommended.  Rails sold separately.

Q - What sort of clearance is needed for the gates & operators?
A - Need a 9' clear height if possible.  Rough opening of door panel requires 9 1/2" head room, however,  overhead operator requires minimum 12" head room.  Max clear would be 8'- 5”.

Q - Can I get a drawing of a gate?
A - Engineering (once all cad drawings and site measuring submitted) has a 4 to 6 week lead time depending on workload.  You can look at a 'sample' drawing on the downloads tab, but an actual drawing for your application is highly customized and requires a contract to produce.