V-mag High Velocity Gate Operator

V-mag High Velocity Gate Operator

Up to 8 feet per second with programmable speed control

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The VMAG High Velocity Magnetic gate operator represents a quantum leap in gate operator technology and combines unprecedented speed and reliability, without moving drive components, making it the ultimate gate operator for homeland security and critical infrastructure.

VMAG propels security gates up to 8 feet per second, which effectively deters unauthorized access and tail-gating while dramatically increasing authorized throughput, enhancing both security and efficiency.

The patented design incorporates electromagnetic Linear Induction Motor technology, eliminating moving drive components, hydraulic fluids and lubricants and their environmental risks, making VMAG the world's fastest and most reliable gate operator utilizing proven green technology.

VMAG’s industry leading XCP ™ (Xtreme Corrosion Protection) materials and special coatings, with marine grade options, provide additional protection in coastal regions, industrial areas, or other corrosive environments.

The unique floating design, programmable speed control and self-calibrating feature adapt to any application and the integrated locking mechanism makes VMAG virtually impossible to defeat.



VM1220  - (208-240 VAC, 1 or 3-Phase, 50-60 Hz, 20 A Ckt)

VM1420 - (440-480 VAC, 1 or 3-Phase, 50-60 Hz, 20 A Ckt)

VM1425 - (440-480VAC, 3-Phase, 50-60 Hz, Min. 30 A Ckt)

(Operators include reaction fins and mounting hardware for a standard 20' gate opening.)

Model selection is based on gate mass, size of opening and desired level of performance.

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Options & Upgrades

RF1 - Reaction Fins (6.58 feet ea.) includes 2 hangar brackets

VMSSCC316 - 316 Stainless NEMA 4X Control Cabinet Upgrade

VMHP - Cabinet Heater w/Thermostat (Includes factory installation)

VMDIK - Dual Interface Kit for Master/Slave Operation

P1 - Programmer with cable 3 (Certifed Installers & factory trained end-users only)

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