CITYLINE – Intuitive Parking Management Software

CITYLINE – Intuitive Parking Management Software

Elegant design. Intuitive navigation. Complete data analysis. Full dashboard customization.
CityLine, our hosted software solution for managing your on-street and off-street parking, delivers that and more.

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Remote “Anywhere” Access
CityLine lives in “The Cloud.” That means you can access your parking data from any device with an internet connection and a Flash Player. Desktop, laptop, notebook, cell phone, you name it. Also, Hectronic offers special mobile apps for Android and iOS handhelds that allow interactive real-time monitoring of your installed meters.
Custom View of Performance Reports
CityLine is organized into 3 modules – Financial, Terminal Statistics, and Maintenance. You can select any report from any module and place it on your Dashboard view. Feel free to track and analyze payments by time of day, location, payment method, time purchased, and much more.
You can also design custom data analyses and set your own schedule as to when they run. And you’ll have your choice of presentation formats – tabular, graphical, or on Google Maps. All data is exportable to MS Excel and Adobe (.pdf) for detailed off-line analysis as well.
Easy-to-Do Remote Programming for Pay Stations
CityLine software enables you to configure your Citea’s parking rules the way you want – quickly, easily and from any location. Here’s a list of what you can download –
• Parking rate changes

• Parking hours of operation

• Holiday changes

• Zone-specific rules

• New look/format for the parking receipt

• Advertising messages to print onto the patron’s receipt

• Initial configuration and commissioning


Intuitive Interface
Simple, straightforward, and powerful. That’s how one describes the user interface for CityLine. Designed for anyone to learn quickly, you’ll soon be formatting your dashboard view to present the stats you want in the display of your choice. And it’s a snap to use our drill-down navigation to investigate details of any data you see.
Real-time Monitoring
All Hectronic parking pay stations are monitored in real time. Your data is up-to-date every time you view it. And your team is immediately notified if a meter experiences any difficulties. Any warning message is forwarded immediately and directly to whomever you designate to receive it.
Outstanding Data Security
Your parking data is stored securely on a server data base and backed up nightly. All connections to the server are established via encrypted data channels.
You define who can access the system, what modules they can see, and to what level of detail. Each system user receives a unique i.d. and password.
CityLine Mobile
CityLine offers applications for Android and Apple iOS smartphones. Your team now has meter status, statistics, and performance reports literally in the palm of their hands.
Pay-by-Space Enforcement Module
For installations managing Pay- by-Space parking (garages, lots, on-street), Hectronic offers “Parking Bay Enforcement.” This module provides parking enforcement officers easy access to payment data on CityLine. Like our other modules, you can access it by any device that connects to the internet.
CityLine Actions
The CityLine Actions feature streamlines the maintenance effort. It enables you to create a To-Do List from which your team can simply tick off tasks as they complete them. Organize tasks by type, zone, or technician.

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