3M Parking Pay Station

3M Parking Pay Station


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Parking Pay Station

Experience pays off
The Parking Pay Station from 3M combines a half-century of application experience with best-in-class components to create a patron friendly, service-friendly payment kiosk for today’s parking applications.
Designed around the patron
Designed for high volume payment applications, the Pay Station recognizes either magstripe tickets or prox cards, calculates the patron’s fee (including any vouchers or validations), then accepts credit card, coin or bank notes. The patron can also elect to receive a receipt from the thermal printer.
The 15" display directs the patron throughout the transaction. A carefully designed series of screens and component locations allow optimal user-friendliness and ergonomics for all patrons regardless of age or size.
Resistance to theft and vandalism
The Pay Station is designed to resist theft and vandalism to a high degree by using heavy gauge steel construction and a three-point locking mechanism with additional internal locks for all cash-handling components. In addition, cabinet access is monitored and recorded

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