CR-30 Card Reader

CR-30 Card Reader

In-lane vehicular parking card reader

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When a ticket issuing or processing device is NOT required, the CR-30 is the entry/exit device used in individual or multiple lanes designated for employees, monthly contract users, faculty and staff. The unit supports all technologies including: proximity, magnetic stripe, barcode, RF, RFID, AVI, keypad, smart card and license plate recognition. The CR-30 has a display to inform user of any problems with their account or post any special messages. The unit will operate in an off-line mode utilizing an onboard processor and memory.
• Supports (2) Wigand and (1) serial device • OLED display • Aluminum housing • Pedestal
• Available in white • Communications line surge protector
• Intercom: Analog, Digital or VOIP • Magnetic card reader for hotel guests, value cards and credit card users • 1D or QR Barcode scanner • Custom graphic panel • Heater

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