Parking Pro-M Barrier Gate

Parking Pro-M Barrier Gate

Specifically designed for high volume parking applications parking barrier gate

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Whether we are talking about a parking garage, underground parking or a parking area - the barrier is and remains the key element.  Parking Pro-M barriers were specifically designed for these applications.

Parking Pro-M barriers not only offer fast opening times but also long-life cycles, reliability and quality. Furthermore, they amaze with extraordinary design, extremely low operational costs, easy handling and almost maintenance-free technology.

In a nutshell: Parking Pro-M barriers are the first choice for car park operators that need to establish an easy and reliable vehicle access control.

MHTM MicroDrive barriers impress with sophisticated and enduring design. The modularly designed housing made of extruded aluminum profiles and a base frame made of stainless steel (both powdercoated) offers best protection against corrosion.

The MHTM product line is winner of the red dot award: product design 2012 and German Design Award 2014.

Control unit
The control unit MGC Pro is compliant with EN 13849. It is located directly underneath the top cover and can be accessed from all sides. Configuring the barrier is easily accomplished via the LCD’s intuitive user interface that can be navigated with just 4 pushbuttons.
The functionality may be easily extended via optionally available modules.

Drive unit
The drive unit of MHTM MicroDrive is not only astonishing because of its small dimensions but you also get high torque with an extremely minimized power consumption. The high torque guarantees best operation even under severe weather conditions (heavy winds, snow, etc.).
The motor, motor control and gearing are all combined in one compact drive unit.

The MicroBoom is the straight octagonal boom for MHTM MicroDrive barriers. This single element can be easily replaced in case of an accident.
The MicroBoom comes equipped with reflective tape and a foamed edge protection which offers best protection against damages and harm to people.

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