RK65K/RK65KS Standaolone Proximity Readers

RK65K/RK65KS Standaolone Proximity Readers

RK65K and RK65KS. These readers can manage up to 65,000 individual users with sequentially-numbered cards or tags. RK65K and RK65KS can be used with the optional SecuRelayTM smart relay module, which separates the lock/gate control relay from the access control unit for added tamper protection.

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Radio Key® RK-65K and RK-65KS are fully Programmable, stand alone proximity access control unit that can manage up to 65,000 individual users. Patented Dynascan®* technology assures maximum performance.

in almost any environment. Users are issued proximity cards or key tags which need only be held within 6" of the unit to be detected. Presenting a valid card or tag activates the solid-state relay and results in a long green LED and audible beep. A Remote Open input is provided to allow activation remotely via pushbutton.

Cards and tags are added and deleted easily with a handheld programmer (RK-HHP). These can also be used to set the latch timer from ¼ second up to 18 hours, or to toggle (on/off). PC’s and external programmers are unnecessary.

RK-65K and RK-65KS can be used with the SecuRelay™ smart relay module. SecuRelay™ separates the lock/gate control relay from the access control unit for added protection.

A Wiegand output is provided allowing the reader unit to be connected to a multi-door access control or telephone entry system, if desired. When used as part of a larger system the local card memory and relay may be used for degraded mode or other special functions.

The RK-65K is small enough to be mounted on most door frames and mullions. RK-65KS is the size of a light switch plate. Both are fully potted for extreme weather-resistance. Installation is extremely easy, requiring only two screws. There are no external controllers or panels to install.


• Low Priced Single Door Proximity Entry System
• Weather Resistant Units for Outdoor Locations: RK600e conformal coated, RK65K epoxy potted
• 125 kHz Proximity Technology
• Dynascan® Auto Tuning for Superior Read Range
• Up to 6” Read Distance
• No Control Panel Required
• Program with Handheld Programmer or Proximity Card Deck (RK600e/RK65K/RK65KS)
• Wiegand Output for Future Expansion (RK65K)
• Connect PC or Serial Printer with Optional Audit Trail Module (RK600, RK600e)
• Optional Auxiliary Reader for High-Security / Extreme Weather Conditions (RK600, RK600e)
• UL294, FCC and CE Regulatory Approvals

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