dual sliding gate with tiled driveway

Parking gates provide protection to vehicles and add a certain sophistication to parking garages.  FDC parking gates come in two primary flavors, sectional grilles and tilt gates.  Tilt gates are a flat panel that covers the entire garage entrance, and then lifts up and is tilted back to align with the ceiling.  Sectional grille gates roll up and then along the ceiling like a garage door.

dual swing gates with lions
ornamental swing gates

Whether you are looking for parking garage gates or a paid parking lot or for a residential apartment builing, FDC parking gates are a solid choice.  Made in the same manner as our ornamental gates, we use a thick, sturdy picket to help resist damage from collisions and vandalism.  We also provide a matching fabric in between and around gates to cover up walkways and islands.

Both tilt gates and sectional grilles are available in a variety of powder coat colors.  Our design team will design the gate system in CAD and advise of any clearance concerns when constructing the parking garage to make sure that openings remain ADA compliant.