FDC ornamental custom gates are only limited by the imagination of the customer and the gate designer.  The frame is the starting point.  What kind of look are you going for; sharp, dynamic edges or a smooth, curvy look?

Next, that direction should flow into the interior of the gate.  Pickets climb from the bottom frame to the top.  What other elements do you want within that design?  There are a variety of different ornamental touches that can be added to accent the curves or bold, rigid look.  Rings, scrolls, and ornate baskets really break up the structural design and add some flair.

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FDC uses the highest quality materials on the construction of our ornamental driveway gates.  Thick, sturdy pickets add to the durablity of these beautifully hand-crafted custom gates.  After construction each gate is powder coated for a truly handsome and durable finish that will make your gate really stand out in front of your home.serenity gate design by FDC custom gates

There are so many options when it comes to designing your driveway gate, it’s kind of hard to know where to start.  Luckily, FDC has some “templates” available to start with, and then we can add some custom flair to make it your own.

For example, take “Serenity.”  This gate features aluminum pickets, with spears on top of each.  It also features an arched top, to get away from the boxy, rectangular feel of a standard gate.  To add even more curviness, there is a row of rings that follow the arch across the top.  Offset from the bottom, we have another row of rings to balance the whole thing out and give it a look of “completeness.”

Now the sample image here shows this as a dual-swing gate.  Make it one long gate leaf, and you suddenly have a single-swing gate.  Remove the hinges and add a track, then you have a gorgeous ornamental slide gate.

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All gates fabricated in our Melbourne, Florida fabrication shop.