FDC StrongWeld commercial gates and industrial gates are the automatic gates of choice for clients of all size  throughout the state of Florida. Major industries like FPL and Progress Energy rely on FDC StrongWeld gates to keep their facilities safe and secure. Correctional facilities count on FDC StrongWeld gates due to their rugged construction and reliability.  If security is a concern, then count on nothing less than FDC StrongWeld sliding gates.

Sliding Gates

When it comes to industrial gates, commercial gates and fencing, FDC StrongWeld gates are among the best in the industry.  Fabricated from top quality components, our custom built gates are the gates of choice for utility companies and government facilities such as FPL, Duke Energy, Kennedy Space Center and more.


StrongWeld gates are avaiable to fit almost any opening, but are typically built up to about 40 ft.  Constructed of a high grade aluminum frame, and aluminized chain-link fabric, these gates can be very wide, yet incredibly light-weight. By being so light-weight, yet quite rugged and durable, StrongWeld gates reduce unnecessary strain on your gate operator, allowing the gate operator to open and close the gate quickly and smoothly.  Needless to say, this extends the life of the gate operator exponentially.


Standard StrongWeld industrial gates are built as a sliding gate, with a v-track design, allowing the gate to slide across a track embedded in the street.  The reason for this is multi-fold.  A v-track keeps the gate aligned properly, so that it slides straight into receiver brackets and doesn’t cause extra wear and tear on the slide gate operator.  V-tracks are installed into a one foot by one foot section of concrete that runs across the roadway, directly underneath the gate while in its closed position.