Estate Gates

When looking for top quality driveway gates or estate gates for your residence, look no furhter than FDC StrongWeld estate gates.  These driveway gates are custom built from the best materials to give you a gated entrance that is both beautiful and secure!


Want to make your entrance really stand out?  FDC gate designers can design, draft, and fully manufacture any gate.  There’s nothing like a first impression, and your home’s gated entrance will make that impression impactful.  Gates available in a variety of color schemes and materials.  See photos of custom designed and installed driveway gates here.


Top quality steel or high grade aluminum are the metals of choice when designing beautiful ornamental estate gates or driveway gates for residences and gated communities.  1/8″ wall aluminum tubing is used in most standard applications, as it is durable and weather resistant.  StrongWeld ornamental gates are built to last in Florida’s taxing environment.


Many estate gates or driveway gates are either single leaf swing gates or double swinging gates.  These gates pivot on a hinge post utilize a swing gate operator.  Depending on the amount of traffic your gate receives, there are a few options of swing gate operator that FDC recommends to automate your StrongWeld gate system.  For large gates, nothing beats a StrongWeld v-track sliding gate!

Custom Ornamental Gates

Lightweight, secure, and durable, FDC StrongWeld ornamental driveway gates are a beautiful way of keeping your home safe and secure!

elegant custom slide gates


FDC custom driveway gates are installed coast to coast throughout Florida and even in the Caribbean. In our gallery you can see some of FDC’s innovative custom designs, built for appearance and practicality.  You will see our custom designed air foil gate for a waterfront estate that faces the ocean and must allow for strong ocean winds to pass through, while retaining privacy and doesn’t allow for climbing.  Other custom gates take concepts from customers and turn into reality to give the entrance to their home the appearance they dreamed of.


Driveway Gates by FDC.

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Custom Gates by FDC

pineapple design gate

Estate Gates by FDC